Team Components Sdn Bhd Malaysian Registered company which first began operation in 2000 specializing in the manufacturing of high precision tooling parts for semi-conductor tooling mold rework, die set spare parts, jig fabrication for IC packaging components as well as providing machining and host of related engineering activities for semi-conductor, computer, telecommunication, automobile, and consumer electronics industries.

In the early years, the company operated only in the local market, providing its products and services to a range of small and medium scale companies. Over the years as the company’s expertise and reputation grew by leaps and bounds and with the addition of more advance machinery and highly trained staff, the company witnessed a tremendous surge in growth that enabled the company to expand its client base in Malaysia into the widely, challenging overseas market. Building from the company’s strong networking relationships with its associate in Singapore, Team Components has today established a highly successful presence in Asia Pacific , US and Europe region.